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  • special adapter, assigned for Fujitsu MB96F378/379 devices in LQFP144 package
  • operating (mechanical) warranty of ZIF socket - 10,000 actuations
  • NOTE: in case of programming adapter identify error, please use PG4UW software version 3.82 and newer (see application note AN-IDX)
  • made in Slovakia
Ord. no. 70-2639
Socket ZIF QFP144, OpenTop type
Bottom 2x24 pins, square, 0.6x0.6mm, rows spacing 600mil
Class Specialized
Subclass Fujitsu MCU
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other 9 pcs.

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Elnec fully understand needs of customers programming high volumes for which cost of adapters is one of most important component of costs. Therefore Elnec policy is to offer:

    1. fixed discount when buying 4+ adapters of particular type,

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Adapter manual

  • Insert adapter to the device programmer ZIF socket according to the picture placed nearby. If you have any doubts about orientation of adapter in device programmer ZIF socket, there is general rule valid - the orientation of the text of adapter title is the same as orientaion of the text on the top of the device programmer.
  • Push the top of adapter ZIF socket to open it. Insert the device into the adapter ZIF socket. The right position of programmed device in adapter ZIF socket is show at picture near the adapter ZIF socket (commonly in above left). The reference corner of device (e.g. position of pin 1) is indicated by dot, by number 1, by bezel or by any combination of previous. Then release the top of adapter ZIF socket.
  • Check the interconnections between device and adapter ZIF socket visually. If everything is OK, the device is ready for programming.
  • Be careful - incorrect adapter insertion in the device programmer ZIF socket or device insertion in the adapter ZIF socket can cause the damage the programmed device.
  • To take out the device push the top of adapter ZIF socket and pick the device out
  • When you have finished working with adapter, remove it from the device programmer ZIF socket.
  • Do not touch the pins of the adapter and/or adapter ZIF socket directly by hand. Dirty particles may cause errors during programming of the device.
  • We recommend to use a vacuum pick up tool for device handling.

Software note

  • If software version, you're using currently, doesn't contain support for this programming module, please download the latest version of software - Regular or OnDemand - from our web site.

Accepted package(s)

LQFP144 Package

Usable for programmer(s):

BeeHive208S BeeHive204 BeeProg2 BeeProg2C
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